Justfreestuff.com Website Review & Ratings + Just Free Stuff Coupons
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Justfreestuff.com Website Review & Ratings + Just Free Stuff Coupons

Just Free Stuff: Products & Services

Just Free Stuff is your source for daily free samples and complementary products and services.  The site is completely free to visit and use.  The newsletter the site offers is also free.  You can expect to find freebies in the categories listed below on this website.

Just Free Stuff: Company Background

James, a 41 year old father of 3, manages his home grown Just Free Stuff website and its respective newsletter full-time.  He began this freebies website in 1997.  Just Free Stuff has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and television spots since the advent of the site. You can receive Just Free Stuff's exclusive newsletter directly to your inbox by inputting your e-mail into the newsletter subscribe box at the top of JustFreeStuff.com's main webpage.

Just Free Stuff: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Just Free Stuff has been reviewed on Xom Reviews.  The user who rated the site 5 out of a possible 5 stars commented that the site doesn't waste your time and make you fill out endless surveys.  Its the only free site the user claims to trust and the reviewer is delighted that one can enter contests at Just Free Stuff without obligation or signing up for anything other than the contest itself.  Anna on Be Ruby commented that she loves Just Free Stuff!  She mentions that the site has the best free stuff available and they list multitudes of current freebies that are worthwhile to obtain.

Just Free Stuff: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Just Free Stuff has no affiliation with The Better Business Bureau (BBB).  They have no open profile and are not accredited with The Better Business Bureau (BBB). There is no further information available about Just Free Stuff with The BBB.  The site also has no affiliation with BizRate.  This may be due to the fact that there is no purchase of products or services involved so consumers are much less likely to make complaints.  Its not very difficult to see that this business is credible when you read reviews on the site and see just how many people are discussing this site on social networking sites and have the freebie website's link on their own website!  Just Free Stuff is one of the pioneers of sites in its specific genre. 

Just Free Stuff: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Just Free Stuff has a website Alexa Traffic Rank throughout the world of 87,607.  In The United States, JustFreeStuff.com has acquired an Alexa Traffic Rank of 16,512.   JustFreeStuff.com has 449 sites that link into their own website. Just Free Stuff's Google Page Rank is 5 out of a possible 10 points.

Just Free Stuff: Social Media Presence

Just Free Stuff maintains an updated Facebook page that a large following; it has 50,028 likes to be exact, presently.  Just Free Stuff has tweeted a total of 8,002 times and is following 540 other Twitter profiles.  Just Free Stuff has 7,793 Twitter followers.  The popular freebie website has an average of about 350,000 unique page views per month as well as more than 100,000 daily newsletter subscribers.

Just Free Stuff: Website Security & Safety

McAfee Secure Site Advisor has thoroughly tested JustFreeStuff.com for safety issues and general annoyances.  The site has been cleared as being safe and effective by McAfee Secure Site AdvisorJustFreeStuff.com has been assessed for safety by Norton Safeweb and has been found to be safe to visit and use. 

Just Free Stuff: Pricing & Packages

It is completely free to use Just Free Stuff.  The site is a freebie directory that lists companies that are giving away complementary products and samples to consumers.  Just Free Stuff believes the sites they share to have free items to the best of their knowledge.  There should be no obligation to pay for anything you encounter on Just Free Stuff that is listed as a free sample.

Just Free Stuff: Shipping Rates & Policies

No shipping policy.

Just Free Stuff: Payment Methods Accepted

Their are no costs or obligations to visit, use, or obtain freebies from links affiliated with Just Free Stuff.  All offers are completely free to the best of the knowledge of Just Free Stuff.  Newsletter subscriptions delivered by e-mail also require no payment.  They are totally free of charge.  That is the mission of the site, as a matter of fact, to offer freebies to their visitors.

Just Free Stuff: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

When you consider the fact that Just Free Stuff does not sell anything to their consumers as it is just a directory and medium for receiving free items and samples from other companies as well as a website that offers contests, there is no return or refund policy, because consumers do not actually buy anything from Just Free Stuff.

Just Free Stuff: Product images & screenshots
Just Free Stuff Coupons
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